Sunsets with Him..

Have you ever been to a place where it feels as though its just you and God and thats it..? Well for me this is it. This is my happy place, the place where I run away to when I feel broken or just feeling like I need to destress and run away for a little bit.Or even when I am happy and just want to soak it all in. When I hear the water calmly swaying back and worth, I feel a rush of relief and inner peace taking over. I feel as though nothing in the world exists it’s just me and God. I could literally sit here for days on end. This place reminds me of how big our God is, He created so much beauty in the world and I feel so blessed that I get to see and adventure it daily. Being here always makes me realize how small I am and that I worry way too much, God will always take care of me and guide me in the right direction. Like the God that created the universe, that created night and day, the oceans and mountains, also created me to be apart of this world (LIKE WHAAAATTTT). He cares so much for me and I am remind of that every single time I am here. I am forever in awe of how perfect my Creator is. MIND FOREVER BLOWN.

Don’t even get me started on the sunsets. Every picture below was taken at Lake Alvin, and the sunset has never and I mean NEVER been the same.

Move over Disney World because this is the happiest place on earth 😉

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