Roses are red . . 🌹


I hope everyone is having a stress free start to the new year. I wore this outfit to church with no intention of it turning into a photo shoot or a blog post.. ha but I came home and saw these roses being all cute and rosey, so I grabbed my dad and off we went to find a brick wall (basic I know).  It was also really really cold and my phone kept turning off between takes (SO ANNOYING) so we got a few good pictures and called it good 🙂

Outfit links:

Leather Jacket (everyone needs this staple in your closet) — Linked below

Suede Moto Jacket (ok, I want this one), Faux Leather Jacket Faux Leather Jacket

Black turtleneck — Turtleneck Topzip turtleneck sweaterTwist turtleneck Top

Similar skirts — Flap skirtLace-up SkirtFlare skirtPlaid skirt

Over the Knee boots — Thigh high bootsOver the knee bootsOver the knee boots,



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14 thoughts on “Roses are red . . 🌹

  1. These pictures are perfect but whats more perfect is you in that outfit!!! Jeeze girl, you’re killing it! And such a trooper braving the cold to take the pictures! I always say gotta do it for the photo, its worth it!

    xo, JJ

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