Ballerina Vibes

I have jumped on the –wearing a shirt under your dress– bandwagon and I am not sure how I feel about it. It just really reminds me of the middle school days when I would wear a white t-shirt and a floral flowey tank on top… that may have killed it for me.

I am a fan of how I styled my look though. I love this tulle dress and turtleneck, they are definitely basic staples in my closet that literally go with everything. I just never thought of ever wearing them together. But hey it worked and I ended up looking like a ballerina too. Thats a win-win situation in my fashion book.

Also, I tried my first ever Barre class and it felt as though I was training to be a ballerina with some of the moves we did. Now that my new goal in life is to actually be a fashion blogging ballerina I might as well dress like one. πŸ˜‰




11 thoughts on “Ballerina Vibes

  1. I’ve been seeing that trend a lot lately too!!! I’ve been wanting to try it esp since I love dresses and a lot of mine are tank tops and there’s no way I can do tank tops in the cold so the whole “shirt under dress” seemed like a good idea. I’m feeling so much more encouraged though after seeing your turn out, that looks so cute, it all goes very well together! I think the secret is to get a nude-ish top….i like the contrast of the two!

    xo, JJ

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