Spring Break ’17

This year my best friend and I decided to take a trip to Arizona. Let me just say this state really stole my heart with its natural beauty. I got to cross off so many good things off my bucket list, like visiting the grand canyon, horseshoe bend and many other things. We really wanted to see Antelope Canyon but it closes at 4 daily and we were too late to that party 🙄, that only means we’ll have to come back soon 🙌🏼

Day 1 : Exploring Phoenix and a tad of Scottsdale 

Our first day we just wanted to see what Arizona was about so we walked around Phoenix and later Scottsdale. Everything was so beautiful, we were pretty impressed with the lemon and orange trees everywhere!

Day 2 : Roadtrip to Sedona 

Next day we drove up to Sedona and it was just perfect. Everybody was so friendly and so many cute little shops and restaurants. We decided to take a Segway tour around town, that was pretty much the highlight of our lives. WE LOVED IT. 🙂 Our tour guide recommended some sweet spots to catch the sunset, so we hiked a little to get to the top of a hill and there we saw God’s perfection. (heart eyes emojis for days)

Day 3 : Grand Canyon // Horseshoe Bend //

These two places I have wanted to visit since I knew they existed. J U S T   P E R F E C T

Day 4 : Citrus Farms // Aquarium //

These citrus farms were so cool, so colorful and vibrant.


Day 4 : Cave Creek hiking 



Day 5 : Exploring Scottsdale – Downtown // Downtown – Tempe 

These were for sure my favorite cities to be in. Scottsdale is pretty amazing, it has so much to offer. Tempe is a total hipster town, loved it.


This has been my favorite trip yet, I cannot wait to go back! What are your favorite hot spots in Arizona??




7 thoughts on “Spring Break ’17

  1. WOW as I wasn’t already DYING to get out to Arizona, after seeing your photos from there I’m about ready to book a flight out like right now! I’ve for awhile envisioned what Arizona would be like but your photos just wayyyy exceeded my expectations and now I’m stunned! What a beautiful place to go explore! Your grand canyon pictures are sooo lovely I have heart eyes all over each and every one of them!!! I also adore that photo of you sitting in that gold heart chair, so adorbs! ah I loved this post so much thank you for sharing this slice of heaven with us!

    xo, JJ

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