What I wore ✨

Honestly if I could wear O N E outfit for the rest of the season, this would hands down be my outfit. It’s so easy yet so fashionable and comfortable. It’s like all my favorite fall staples in one outfit.. hehe maybe thats why I love it so much!

Every time I road trip down to Verm it’s basically tradition to take a picture on these stairs(leading to someones apartment), and the “Horrid” wall plus some other cool building! I love old towns because they are so charming, and don’t even get me started on all the BRICK WALLS!!!!!

“Every brick wall tells a story, it just takes the right person to see the beauty in it.”

I literally just came up with that ^^ you guys can quote me later, I allow it.

Anyways . . Outfit details are listed below



  • Motto Jacket– my fav jacket ever and its under $70. 10/10 would recommend to a friend 
  • Sweater //  similar — similar  
My sweater is from the Boutique I work at, linked are similar ones from the store. Shop the site or Instagram page for free shipping!
  • Jeans // seriously these Jeggings I wear ALL the time! I love them so much && they are under $30
  • Booties //  E V E R Y B O D Y needs these booties!!! They go with everything
  • Bag //  Similar — Similar
My bag was a TJ-Maxx find, they don’t have it online but they have so many other cute ones that would pair well with an outfit like mine.


Thanks so much for stopping by ::


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