You know it s a great city when Kim K names her daughter after it. For the record, I think it’s such a cute name especially Chi for short. SO CUTE!! (old news)

I’m obsessed with The Windy City, not only does my best fried live there, it has some of the best food, shopping, people, and amazing spots for photoshoots. It’s so full of life and adventure making it the perfect weekend getaway destination. Be prepared to take a million photos like I always do.



This is probably my favorite spot in all of Chicago



The views from the glass deck are AMAZING!!!! OMG.


The best part of any adventure is totally going off grid and getting lost in a city thats so full of life and adventure. We were walking to the Willis tower, the walk was freezing but was totally worth it.



We were totally on the hunt for a cute alley only to arrive and find out it was the wrong location (eye roll). The coffee at Asado was good and the space was really cute. The cutest part of all was the wall across the street.



Seriously the cutest place ever, its filled with so many European goodies, like a Nutella store inside, with other coffee shops and food vendors.


Have a shake at Public House

It’s like a classy sports bar so you would never think of them to have such an artsy milkshake.. ha My friends also hooked it up with the lighting, they literally held up their flashlights so I could get a good picture. My friends are literally G O A L S.


Visit Stan’s Donut shop

Ok this little shop is kinda hidden but when you find it, your taste buds will thank you!!


Shop on the Magnificent Mile



Go on a Helicopter Tour

10/10 recommend going on a heli-tour. The views were I N S A N E.




Thanks so much for stopping by,



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